The Pergo-Rain pergola is a pergola system specially designed for protection against rain, but which adapts to all weather conditions. Pergo-Rain is made of opaque and fireproof PVC canvas. This, together with its assembly, means that all the water collected in the awning falls into the gutter and, subsequently, through the interior of the profiles.

In addition to its resistance to rain and wind, it provides great sun protection, making a room air-conditioned in unfavorable weather conditions. Having the sides properly closed, either with windbreak awnings or some other type of enclosure, they allow the installation of air conditioning devices inside for better use of the terrace at all times of the year. It is ideal for hospitality terraces and gardens.

Its motorized drive ensures that the upper canvas is always tensioned, thus making the evacuation of rainwater much more effective.

The Pergo Rain has wide possibilities of optional equipment: it can be equipped with its exclusive integrated LED lighting system, with the heating system, with vertical perimeter awnings… All of this designed to make this system the most complete of the range of flat awnings .