The sail awning serves to create shaded spaces outside, and on the one hand they protect from the sun and provide shade, at the same time, they provide privacy and decorate. They are usually used in large gardens and terraces. Your canvas can be triangular, square or rectangular. They are usually tied to a pole, a mast or the wall, so that the awning is taut with a small drop. You can install just one or several at the same time, complementing each other.

There is a steel cable along the entire perimeter of said sail that prevents it from breaking. The ideal fabric for this type of awnings is Comercial 95, which is made of high-density, highly resistant polyethylene, specifically developed as a permeable, very strong and stable outdoor fabric for use in tensioned structures and shade sails. .

Comercial 95 offers the best combination of sun protection, resistance and durability to ensure easy and long-lasting maintenance. With the ability to block up to 98.8% of harmful UV rays. It is tear resistant, plus it will not crack, rot or fade.