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Toldos Antisol

Toldos Antisol is a company that is dedicated to the installation of solar protection systems and conditioning of outdoor spaces. We are dedicated to providing shade and creating spaces for homes, businesses and hospitality; guaranteeing personalized advice adapted to the needs of each client.

We work hand in hand with the main canvas manufacturers and with the best materials, we also have a wide range of finishes and colors, along with the possibility of different colors in the aluminum lacquer.




Useful information

Keeping your home well protected from heat is very important for greater comfort and convenience, since it allows you to enjoy maximum natural light throughout the day. Below we explain all the advantages for your home when installing an awning.


  • The temperature is reduced by up to 10ºC inside the home and avoids the “magnifying glass effect”. This provides greater comfort without having to turn on the air conditioning, and thus reduce electricity consumption by up to 40%.
  • Awnings are a versatile element that allows you to collect them or extend them according to the needs of the moment.
  • They allow you to expand the living space, such as porches, terraces or outdoor patios.
  • They protect interior furniture thanks to their protection against UV radiation, since this has the ability to discolor furniture, carpets, etc.

The main types of fabric that we can choose for our awning are acrylic, PVC or micro-perforated. The choice of this will depend on the needs and budget of each project. The main characteristics of each of them are detailed below.

  • The acrylic canvas is highly resistant to fading and guarantees maximum protection from the sun’s rays.
  • The PVC tarpaulin offers maximum waterproofing and is very resistant to tears.
  • The microperforated canvas is characterized by being a range of opaque, waterproof and perforated composite fabrics, which offer visibility to the outside.

In terms of colors, neutral/light colors will always be a good option, with them the sun’s rays are neutralized more efficiently, since they project more shadow and insulate better from heat


José Antonio Jiménez
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The best without a doubt, they serve you very well, friendly in all aspects, they They advise, value, fast and good quality materials, the experience I have had with them in value for money of 10.
Paco Martínez
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Excellent service. Very professional and efficient. Highly recommended. I will return to call them without a doubt.
Elisabeth Reyes
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Friendly and fast treatment, they solved all the problems with my awning, leaving everything perfectly, without a doubt the best choice, we will call again!
Antonio García
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I can only say positive things about Eduardo's work when it comes to advising me and help me choose the blinds and curtains for my new house. Very attentive and very professional, definitely.
Alejandra Guzmán
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They made me a cover for the pool. The perfect final result, a couple of assemblers quite young but they knew exactly what they had to do. Educated and clean at all times.