Bioclimatic pergolas allow you to enjoy outdoor life all year round. They offer multiple possibilities, such as creating another room in your home. Bioclimatic pergolas are pergolas with motorized aluminum slats that allow opening automatically, so it is possible to choose how much light or shade is desired at any given time.

The main features offered by this type of assembly are mentioned below.

Waterproof system: the slats integrate a sealing rubber that ensures the waterproofness of the pergola, since it does not allow water to pass through the joint between slats. At the same time, it cancels out the noise that occurs between slats due to the vibration caused by the action of the wind.

Motorized drive: The use of the pergola is carried out exclusively by motorization, using a motor. A motorization that is discreetly hidden between slats and frame, favoring the aesthetics of the pergola.

Option to install LED lighting, offering the possibility of creating perfect atmospheres to enjoy the space at any time of the day and regardless of the weather. LED lights surround the entire perimeter of the pergola.

Possibility of closing the perimeter on its sides using glass curtains or awnings.