The pool cover is recommended for the time of year when we do not use the pool, mainly in winter. This will help us keep the pool water clean by avoiding the fall of mud, dirty water from rain and falling leaves, which prevents blockages in the treatment plant. On the other hand, water evaporation is reduced.

The color of the pool cover is usually blue on its outer layer, to simulate the color of the pool, and black on the inside, to create a black background and prevent algae from proliferating with light, since black does not allow filtration. sun rays and increases protection. The entire edge is covered with eyelets in which the tension rubber bands are placed and these rubber bands are tensioned in ties that are fixed to the ground.

All of this will lead to a lower cost of pool maintenance during the year, reducing the use of chemical products, the use of the purifier and the use of water less frequently.

Benefits of installing a pool cover:

  • Keeps water clean by preventing dirt from falling.
  • Prevents water evaporation.
  • Prevents algae proliferation.
  • Avoid falls and accidents.
  • Economic savings in its maintenance, both in electricity and water.