Roller blinds are an ideal option to dress up the windows of our home. They allow you to adjust the entry of light into your home and depending on the privacy you need, you can choose between a screen, opaque or translucent fabric.

Roller blinds with screen technical fabric

The Screen custom blind is a technical fabric whose main characteristics are dimensional stability, durability and easy cleaning. Its presentation allows you to decorate the windows and at the same time filter the light, which penetrates into your home or public space, reserving privacy.

Screen fabric is a technical fabric with excellent properties for sun protection. It is manufactured with fiberglass and PVC or Polyester and PVC. It also has different degrees of opening that allow more or less light to pass through depending on the needs, these being 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%.

Some of its advantages are shown below:

  • It does not deform, does not shrink, does not fray and maintains its color.
  • Because it is a micro-perforated fabric, the screen allows good visibility to the outside.
  • It is flame retardant, fire resistant and has antistatic properties that repel dust, thus preventing the accumulation of dirt.
  • Easy cleaning, with a simple damp cloth.